Twitter as cheap therapy tool.


What makes one feel good?

1) Writing our thoughts down, so we can organise our thoughts and find out what is troubling us.
2) Someone listening to Us, well mostly listening, without judging, and someone times sharing their own experiences, from where we can draw some inspiration or a sense of camaraderie.

Well, today something was bothering me, and i decided to let out on twitter. I sent about 5/6 tweets. You can read them here

Immediately after tweeting the same, I felt calmer, as part of the problem has been thrown out in the virtual universe.

I see many tweets on my TL, often expressing the pain over a break up, yes it always break-ups, other problems are still taboo on the social media or maybe I am following to many young hearts 😉

I don’t recommend that one uses twitter as therapy always, but it sure does work!

Let me know, if twitter has helped you as a therapy tool, maybe the virtual medium can have more value than just an information disseminating tool?

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