5 reasons why I mute people on Twitter

I have been on Twitter for 3 years and from my experience I have realised that its anti-social to unfollow people who diligently follow you, even though they might be very stupid and often refer to you behind your back as a sociopath.

But thanks to the brand new Twitter app for IOS called Tweetbot, I can mute people for designated period of time.

Below is my TOP 5 reason to mute people!

1) Boy Friend Baiting: There are groups of girls (read unmarried) who want to skim the milk for the cream, they usually have followers in excess of 5000, and they constantly tweet about the great fun they are having, they also carry books in their bag titled ” How to seduce a bank account” or ” How to rinse a bank account dry”. Eligible guys like me need to mute these temptresses from time to time.

2) The Beautiful DP woman : She has the most beautiful photoshopped picture, which sexually excites you when you see her tweet on the TL. Since I am clued on to twitter 24×7 it would be risky for me to stay in a perpetual sexually excited state 24×7. So i mute them on and off!

3) The pimp my product person: Everyone is on twitter for a reason, but there are some people who pimp their articles like 48 times a day! These people are generally who misuse their social media brand value and abuse the noobs. I mute them for extended duration.

4) The Mass Media Junkie – Some tweeple finally know the safest thing to talk about is a trending topic, they latch on to it, like a insecure, aged actor does to a TV role. They tweet incessantly and with quotes and comments. I mute them for weeks, and unmute them only when Iam ready to come out from under my rock.

5) Sports: Unfortunately my parents never encouraged me to take up any kind os Sports, and I just don’t understand video games or physical activities like cycling and gymming. These people’s life revolve around eating and exercising and repeating the same on the loop at 156 bpm. I look down on them, as people who are trapped in body consciousness. I mute them, and unmute them only if I feel the need for inspiration to exercise.

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