Review of Kindle 6 inch Wifi


I bought a kindle 6 inch Wifi recently, I was dying to get a kindle, but the price seemed to be a out of my reach for some time, the taxes and stuff was too confusing, until I hit the indiatimes shop and shop, where I was not confused about the taxes.

I booked my kindle (sponsored) on indiatimes shopping. The sponsored is a couple of grands cheaper and advertising supported.

Lets me highlight a few points on why this kindle is a must buy.

1) The price which I got was a bargain, which makes it totally worthwhile and you can carry 1500 books on this device is what I know.


2) a)The E- ink display is what makes it truly reader friendly. The back lit display of Ipad and other tablets can give you fatigue and stress.
b) (On the downside, the device is meant purely for text, no multimedia or color) It has though a built in browser (B & W) which is useful sometimes.
c) The keyboard is a virtual and is a pain to use, though you can sign into your FB and twitter accounts and comment or share an article.
d) There are other versions like the touch or the Keyboard version DX which you can try. Kindle fire is backlit so i wouldn’t recommend it atall. (Sorry for digressing on point d)
e) It is feather weight, lighter than most books.
f) There is no backlight so no reading in the dark, you need an external light source or sunlight. (Yes it you can read in bright sunlight)


1) One of the problem is you are stuck with Amazon for ebooks and they are pricier like the physical books. (unless you can break the DRM code, which takes about 15 mins) . You can upload books on the kindle by email, by whisper-sync from amazon, or by automated apps like Instapaper.
( I have a couple of PDF documents on the kindle and they are not great to read, as some of the ebook features cant be enabled, so don’t expect to read lot of technical papers, unless you can convert them to ebook format.)


The battery is outstanding, my first recharge was after 11 days, I have read on some websites that the battery can go upt to 15 days.

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