Review of Saurabh Pant’s “Tuesdays with Morons”


I had nothing to do for a couple of hours, and being in town meant I couldn’t go home without checking out some townie babes! 😉

So here I see the banner about a Indian Standup comedy act, i was so disappointed, I mean I have watched likes of George Carlin and Newyork Poetry Jam on Youtube, how can I stand a indian slapstick standup comedy? how?

I had made up my mind, not to watch, but maybe sit in the ac auditorium for while before heading home. So I started bargaining with the ticket vendor of the auditorium, I tell him to give me a free pass as no one seems to turning up, does he want the auditorium to be empty?? He counter argued that he had already sold 150 tickets of the show and there was no way he was going to let me in FOC.

It was still too much of a pain for me to spend money on Indian comedians, I was so sure of disappointment, but at that moment I could see lot and lot of pretty girls turning up and buying tickets. (I wondered if ENCOMPASS the event company who have set up the entire production had hired these pretty ladies to watch the event). Anyway, So my heart made a “U TURN” and went to the ticket window. I showed him my press card and manage to get a 30% discount on the ticket price of Rs 200! I was happy I had saved 60 bucks.

Sorry for digressing, lets get down to the review.

This “Tuesdays with Morons” as claimed by Kunal Rao was their 99th act! (I know I live under a rock!) There were 7 comedians, each representing a day of the week!

Kunal Rao – Kunal was also the emcee of the event. By the time Kunal started, My opinion about the event had taken a 180* turn. I realised this was a very slick production and these were the very best, and could match the west in terms of class and humour. I was not disappointed. Kunal I think delivered his whole act while being a compere. I think flimfare should replace SRK with Kunal.

Sahil Shah – A gujju who joked about gujju’s and was fearless and superb timing. As good as the rest.

Sapan: A guy from Madhya Pradesh and was brilliant.

Aditi Mittal: A punju and a woman. She was classy, fearless and had the most intellectual types of Jokes, but some of her jokes were only which women understood, you know what I mean?

R J Maliskha: Celebrity Stand up – Considering this was her first attempt as a standup on stage, she was nothing short of brilliance. I think she would soon be making stand up as alternative career.

Adish– A guy from Delhi , put of the great act with a little bit of guitar and singing, another brilliant and superlative performance

Sorabh– Sourabh was promoted as the most successful stand up act , but I think he sounded a bit bored and needs some new jokes in his repertoire.

But, but his impression of Jinnah speech was out of the world. One of the greatest moment in the entire show.

BTW next time, I am not going to bargain when these guys are performing! 🙂

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