How to set up a free ecommerce store in India?


I read an article saying about ” How to set up a free ecommerce store in India, and all it had listed was magneto and why shouldnt one use it. I think it was a lame article.

If you google “OPEN SOURCE SHOPPING CART SOFTWARE” you will get many results on the first page, all of these results give you a Open-source ready to use software which can be installed into your hosting.

I recommend the following three softwares to create your dream ecoomerce site and get your business online at little or nocost.


I have tried OPENCART it is wonderful, it can be localised and its bloody free, because its OPEN SOURCE!!


I have seen one of my client using this software and these guys are IIT ians and they have made a fabulous website out of this.


If you are like me who love wordpress and want the familarity of wordpress then you should check the woocommerce plugin (which is free) or a woocommerce free theme. They have paid themes also if you are ready to spend. I am using the woo-commerce plugin in one of my site and it is convenient when you dont want a full fledged store front but still have a few products you can retail via your blog.


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