Andre Agassi Autobiography “OPEN” reviewed


I read a tweet from shabani azmi asking shekhar kapur the director whether he had read “OPEN – an autobiography” by Andre Agassi, and he should consider making a movie out of it. Since then I have been mildly interested in reading this book. After checking out generous rating on and I decided to read this book.

The book is as OPEN and HONEST a person of Andre Agassi stature can get, he has come off as honest sport-person, who has a great deal of discipline and can take fight to any opponent. There is a not a single dull moment, with the behind the scene talk right from Andre on what was going on in his mind each game during all those gritty and wonderful matches he gave us. There are some insights into what goes into making a champion. Also there is a parallel story about his romance with Brooke Shields and Steffi Graf which is very interesting.

But this book did disappoint me some way, everything is real and basic, the jokes are most of the times cutes and once petty. I went in with a big expectation, I thought it would be magnum opus kind of read but then I should have remembered Andre is a tennis player & not a author and a writer.

Verdict: Read it because it is short.

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