The greatest music app of all time: Soundhound


Yes! Yes! Yes! The music lover in you can achieve absolute digital NIRVANA with this profoundly intuitive App with some rocking features like live lyrics , song recognition, song search (input via text/voice).
I spent my whole Sunday yesterday with this APP , go to and download your app. If you are on IPad/iPhone or a android, this is a must have app.

Let me run you through some of the exceptionally cool features.

Live Lyrics :

This has to be the highlight of this app, while you are listening to the song, via your iPhone/iPad or through your home system, this app will recognise your song and will record it to show you live lyrics? How cool is that?? I cant wait to be a karaoke croaking star now!!!


Song recognition:

You know sometimes you are watching a movie and there is this beautiful song playing in the background and you really want to download the song or buy the album, just click the big orange button and this app will record a clip and recognise the song and will give you the exact details of the song, including year of release, artist name, album name and also multiple youtube video’s of the same song.

Note: Shazam does the sound recognition also, but it doesn’t have the live lyrics and it cannot play the song in your iPhone and iPad. Soundhound has a built in player, you can listen to your songs in your hard-drive while checking the live lyrics, album or artist info and stuff. These features makes this app thoroughly unique. Also unlike Shazam this has a free version, which I am using , the paid is the ad free version with few extra features at $6.99.

Song search:

A song can be searched via audio or text input.

A essential app for musical nirvana!

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