Does your growing Business need the Protection mafia?

I used to run a assembly plant of electrical switchgear, I ran the business for 13 years of my productive life, In-fact that was the business I took over after my father sudden demise when i was 27 years old. The business needed to employ a huge labor force and at times the labor count would exceed more than 100 people.

I had no operational help from any family member, so in a sense I had to trust my 100 odd workers as family with goods worth crores of rupees every month. Besides having security guards who were on duty at the premises 24×7, one fine day I discovered or rather I was told there was a missing stock of silver of about 10L to 12L Rs.

I decided there was no point in running my business anymore, I told my one and only client that I am quitting, I want to stop doing what I am doing ASAP. Nest month I paid all of the workers their legal dues and I sold my factory. I was out of the game, not really knowing what I would be doing to earn my living.

What I realised is as your business grows, you need powerful people to protect you, or someone is going to try their best to rob you. The police are helpless may even support such kind of robberies.

In times like this! The protection mafia can help! If you run a big business and have lot at stake you need to think about this, if you are a mom & pop store you need not worry at all.

Your thoughts?

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