I wanna feel you Up #ifeelup

Again I am wondering why I am writing a blog post on a #nontroversy. A few days or a fortnight back @viewspaper sent most of us spam emails (How did they get our emails id’s is anyone’s guess) that they want me to be a mentor and talk/tweet about current affairs with the hashtag #ifeelup for a Tweetathon. I was vivid about @viewspaper as I had never heard about them and how dare they spam me!

Today morning, it was revealed by some tweeters that #ifeelup is infact the new tag line for @pepsi ‘s 7UP . Now how did the twitterati fall for such a cheesy hashtag called #ifeelup (Incidently the info-graphic put up by BBDO proximity which is now taken offline claimed that the #ifeelup hashtag trended for 38 hours), and why did the light we look up to in the social media endorse and not reveal the true nature of this campaign?

Where do you wanna feel up? or do you wanna fill up your glass with the new 7UP?

So @pepsi knowing that how much tweeple like to go on an outrage played its card smartly via @viewspaper , but the chennai and the bangalore boys are smarter and are refusing to use the #ifeelup hashtag when expressing their outrage.

Now the question is why are we #outraged , don’t we love to go on a outrage, lets hashtag #ifeelup, no ?

Disclaimer : No one from viewspaper has sent me an email to write this blogpost. In recent times I am finding these controversies entertaining.

Image courtesy:http://reviews.in.88db.com/index.php/movie/cine-events/14931

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