Top 10 kind of tweeple I choose not to follow on twitter

Ok here Is my “top 10 kind of tweeple I choose not to follow on twitter.”

1) I will not follow people who who are neither right nor left nor centre of right. In short, very prejudiced people are out from my twitter follow list.

2) People who lifecast, I occasionally like to envy on the designer coffee you are having or will chuckle on your observation of random people and places. But if it’s not buffered (spaced well), I will not show any regret when I hit the unfollow.

3) Emotional people – Iam hugely guilty on this count, especially when its late in the night, I like to let out. But I am not going to follow a late night philosopher. Sorry.

4) people who mostly share updates via Facebook. Twitter is a different audience, treat it separately please!

5) People who unneccessary and mindlessly RT with a comment and make me part of online white noise. You are unfollowed.

6) then there are people who think you should follow them, just because they follow you. No! I can’t do that, my attention is limited and I will pick and choose and unfollow you when you no longer give me relevant feedback or information.

7) Pretty girls calling for attention (not from me though, I’m ignored, but my TL) are promptly dumped.

8) arrogant geeks

9) abstract talkers or smart talkers. So what we are friends, buzz off.

10) people like me!

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