Why I left the Twitter cocktail Party.

Painting By Jokulo Cooper

Twitter or rather social networking is like a cocktail party. There are friends, there are aquaintances and then there are friends of friends and many perfect strangers who you can freak out!.  They all meet, intermingle and have a ball of time. Sometime they  form small groups, sometimes they stand alone in the crowd.

I was a regular at the twitter cocktail party, I usually kept to myself nursing my drink, But I just decided to call it a day! why?

I unfollowed around 250 people I used to follow, these are the people who dont tweet or sometimes they are tweeple who you converse, but they havent come around to follow you back. It just means they like you enough to say “cheers” but dont want to be seen with you socially. (Ok, I maybe wrong, but I am assuming here.)

What I would like to do is bring down the number of the people I follow to 150 people. These would be essentially people I know in person “OR” people who add great value to my network, by sharing interesting (relevant) things.

For the people in the cocktail circuit , If you need to connect with me, you can always email me at manoj at manojnayak dot com.

BTW I used Twitter Karma to unfollow.

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