Arthur Road Jail – D Prison Project by Dhriti

The System is broken, and nobody is trying to fix it.

D Prison Project by Dhriti – A NGO headed by Sumisha Shankar endevours to bring music, theatrics and creativity to the the hundreds of under-trials at various prisons, it started with the Byculla Jail and then last week it was a weekend at Arthur Road Jail.

I have seen the beggining of the “SYSTEM” in the school, when a child is not able to undertsand a subject, he is methodically segregated and encouraged to go and sit on the last bench. Some schools even have special classrooms where the bright students are clubbed to-gether , as they are the bunch of guys who will bring merit to the school in the board exams.

A Prison is the last bench or the duffer class, where the people who are not able to make money as per the “system” are sent. The under-trials instead of learning to learn money in a legitimate way, are sent to the school of crime in the Jails. Here a pick-pocket meets a murderer under-trial, notes are exchanged, introductions are made. The Arthur road prison is a place which is full of under-trials, including the infamous Kasab and the D-gang members, who live in the unda-cell.

Are we going to change the broken systems inside our prisons? Would NGO’s like Dhriti make any difference in the lives of under-trials ?  Who will push some serious bill in to legislation and repair this broken system? 

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