The Startup Bible ” the dip” by Seth Godin

Seth Godin with "the dip"

Now almost 99% new businesses fail, is often quoted by some guru’s which I feel is utter rubbish, but still i do believe  that the failure rates among new busineses could be as high as 75%.

Everyone has a favorite book, this book by Seth Godin is my bible, I just wouldn’t have the courage to do what I am doing if I had not read this book, it is just supendously insightful and tells you very upfront on your chances of succeeding in your current business, though you may not agree, but this 76 page book gave me more courage than any other business book, maybe the book was written for the likes of me.

What this book will tell you is when to quit (give up) and when to stick around, and I am sticking around thanks to this book.

P.S I am not going to lend you my copy even if you pay me 100 $.

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